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Below you will find the AHA executives contact information. Please feel free to contact anyone of us at any given time to answer your questions!




Amna Qazilbash

Health Studies/Psychology

Hello everyone! I’m Amna Qazilbash, a fourth year student who is passionate about learning amongst other things. I look forward to working alongside some amazing students, as well as meeting all the incoming students! Feel free to drop by the AHA office on Tuesdays from 11:00AM-5:00PM.


Irfan Hakim
VP of Anthropology
Double major in Evolutionary Anthropology and Public Health,,

I’m interested in all fields so really don’t have any one interest, learning might be the best guess. I’m almost always around campus so please drop by or contact me if you want to talk about courses or anything anthropology and health in general that may help you out in anyway.

Saranyah Ravindran 

Executive Administrator

Human Biology/Population Health


Mathusa Selvendran
VP of Health Studies
Psychology and Health Policy (CO-OP)

I am passionate about Health Studies. In health studies I love learning about the different health paradigms and lens through which health is interpreted. To elaborate I like to explore how the concepts of health, ill-health and mental stability vary amongst cultures, and how these differences in understanding contribute to the ways in which health programs are implemented across the globe. My majors are: Double major in Health studies (Co-op) and Psychology Dreams: Personally, I have always seen myself in the mental health field working towards alleviating the suffering and tackling the inequalities that those with mental health disorders face on a daily basis and help them reintegrate back into society. Goals: I want to always be open minded and welcome new experiences. random fact: I love watching dance choreographies and pretending I’m just as much of a skilled dancer as those in the video i’m watching. I’m also very open to new experiences and love learning new things.

Wafaa Khatau 

Biological Anthropology Coordinator

Health Studies/Biological Anthropology


Shaira Yoganthan

Population Health Coordinator

Molecular Biology, Immunology & Disease and Population Health




Hannan Malik (left), Natasha Leghari (right)

Natasha Leghari
VP Operations
Double major in Health Studies (Health Policy) and Psychology

Hello there! I became involved in AHA to help address issues or concerns students may have in regards to program, courses and or getting involved on campus. I hope to provide social and academic resources for all UTSC students with the help of AHA’s amazing executive team, professors and the department! I will try my best to answer any questions or inquiries you might have regarding school, courses, extra-curricular activities or anything related to your under-graduate journey! Need advice? Feel free to contact me or approach me anytime! Let’s make 2015-2016 a successful, memorable year and our time at UTSC worthwhile!

Hannan Malik

Internal/External Outreach Coordinator

Social Media and Marketing Team: 

Halima Farah

Social Media Coordinator & Health Policy Coordinator 
Double Major in Health Studies and English

As a student double-majoring in Health Studies & English and who is also moonlighting as a writer, the interconnection of health studies, literature and writing have inspired my perspectives and experiences as a individual. I am deeply interested in the use of different mediums such as art, literature, drama as well as the integration of social media to portray various first-person experiences with the healthcare system. I was able to explore this further in ACTipedia’s first ever Day of Action at UTSCwhich showcased the invisibility of aging-related content on Wikipedia. The creativity that I have found within myself has stemmed from the ways in which Health Humanities can showcase and portray art while contributing to our understanding of multiple individualistic experiences of health. I currently maintain and handle the social media pages for SCOPE as well as AHA UTSC (Anthropology and Health Studies Association). My work can be found at

Abinaya Ananthamurugan 

Marketing Director & Social Media Coordinator

Abinaya Ananthamurugan (left), Halima Farah (right)




Judy, Saania & Madeleine

Saania Rahim
Finance Director
Health studies (policy) CO-OP and English
Hello everyone! My passion for health studies arises from learning about global health inequities. I joined AHA with hopes of creating meaningful connections between students and faculty in the anthropology and health studies fields!

Madeleine Lee 

Outreach Sponsorship Director

Health Policy and Mental Health Studies

Judy Choi

Outreach Coordinator






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