The Anthropology Program

Anthropology in the broadest sense is the study of human beings.

The anthropology program at UTSC is a fun, intellectually stimulating program which teaches you to

view the world from a mindset that is very different from other social sciences and yet complements

them greatly. The program is broken into two streams at our school, the first being the Cultural/Social

Anthropology stream, and the second being the Biological/Evolutionary Anthropology Stream. In order

to pursue a degree in either stream both ANTA01 and ANTA02 must be completed first.

The Cultural/Social Anthropology stream teaches you to, “make strange the familiar, and familiar

the strange”, a phrase which you will hear more than once during your years in anthropology. There

are courses focusing on all kinds of topics such as religion, sexuality, or even specific cultures or

geographical regions. This program is offered as a minor, major, or specialist program, and teaches you

anthropological field methods for understanding and studying other cultures, or sometimes even your

own which a critical eye.

The Biological/Evolutionary Anthropology stream teaches you about the evolutionary path of the human

species. There are courses focusing on epidemiology (the study of disease), osteology (bones!), and

primatology (monkeys and apes). All of these courses aim to teach you how humans have changed and

developed genetically and morphologically over time, and to make you critically question why and how

these changes have occurred. This stream is offered as a minor, major, and specialist.

For more information about the anthropology department please visit:


Some new courses to check out this year are:

ANTC24- Culture, Mental Illness, and Psychiatry

ANTB36- Anthropology of the End of the World

ANTC52- Global Politics of Language

ANTD40-Topics in Emerging Scholarship in Evolutionary Anthropology

ANTD41- Topics in Emerging Scholarship in Socio-Cultural Anthropology

For more information on the Anthropology program and Courses refer please follow the link to the

2014/2015 course calendar:

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