Ah… March. The sun is starting to shine bright outside, assignments starting to pile up as the penultimate month of school is here. As it is the second of March- it is also a THURSDAY… we are feeling a little bit nostalgic… Here are a few of our favourite photos from some of our/attended events from this year! Stay tuned for a lot more of #AHATBT as the semester starts to come to a close 😦

P.S… It is a THURSDAY which also means it is the first day of the INTERNATIONAL HEALTH FILM SERIES & EXPO… join us TODAY in MW 130 for “Migrant Dreams”. The discussants will be Andrea Bobadilla, Kusha Dadui and the event will be hosted by Professor Paloma Villegas. This will be a powerful feature documentary by multiple award-wnning director Min Sock Lee and Emmy award-winning producer Lisa Valencia-Svensson about the undertold story of migrant agricultural workers struggling against Canada’s Temporary Foreign worker Program (TFWP) that treats foreign workers as modern-day indentured labourers.

We hope to see you there and at the rest of our AHA events for the rest of the semester 😉 img_2299img_2298img_3008img_2850


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